DE MIGUEL & LAWYERS was set up in 1985 having adquired some experience in auditing firms.Currently it accounts for twenty employees.

Our professional atmosphere is mainly carried out in the area of big firms both, concerning to home and overseas trade, thus creating the necessary systems to minimize, as long as it is possible, the tax expenses always within the current legal frames, and always taking into account the importance of implementing the operating taxation within the firm environment.

For this reason we count on the rightful experience and the accurate support abroad to create and develop the particular systems needed. This way we keep the usual professional approach with other Desks in France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Holland, Portugal, Great Britain and Ireland.

LEXNOVA has published so far two books by D. Luis de Miguel Pérez titled Tax Auditing and Target: No tax barriers. The second and third edition respectively have already been printed.
We are also usual collaborators for the daily newspaper EXPANSIÓN by writing articles and reports on professional concerns.